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LABEEB - Smart Home & Facility

For: Homes / Hotels / Office Buildings / Meeting Rooms / Business Centers / Hospitals / Clinics / Pharmacies
Universities / Schools / Malls / Factories & Industry / Complex Centers / Stores…


Our Smart Home & Facility LABEEB is a Smart Automation System not just for homes. It extends to a wider range of facilities such as: Hotels, Office Buildings, Business Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, Universities, Schools, Malls, Factories, Complex Centers, Stores, and many others.

Moreover, LABEEB is beyond just switching lights on & off or opening & closing curtains. In fact, it targets to save Energy Usage in every aspect thru the smart inter-working of different system components with the family (at home) or employees (at facilities).

User can monitor & control from any web browser, in addition to our Desktop Application for big Facilities.

Remote Monitoring & Control is done securely over the internet. For Local Control, Internet is not mandatory.



Examples of Facility Control aiming Energy Saving

Distinguishing Features


Schedules: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, absolute


Conditional Rules: IF This Then That (IFTTT)


Scenes: multiple actions with a single touch


Standard wiring


Using CAT6 cables over existing LAN network


Wireless over WIFI


Select devices and modules according to your current requirements


Add more devices and modules over time according to your needs


All Devices/Sensors Measurements & Actions are logged in the system


Logged Data Can be reported in Excel sheets and graphs forms


Optional Upload to Cloud for backup and SaaS Services and enhanced reporting such as interworking with Telerik (telerik.com)

Smart Thermostat/InfraRed (IR) Module & Smart Air Conditioning


Dual Operation: Manual and Automated


Energy Saving: Control and mandate standard temperature settings during cooling or heating


Lock Function: No manual intervention by individuals


Energy Saving: Prevent your A/C system from being operated during weekends and holidays


Compatibility: Can interface with most Cooling/ Heating System (Split units, Ducted Split, AHU units)


Optimized Operation: The Wireless Temperature Sensor can fit anywhere in the least ventilated places to measure actual temperature and ensure proper cooling/heating in the place


Energy Saving: Integrating motion detectors to optimize the operation of A/C & AHU units in unoccupied places (switching off or increase cooling set-point)



Smart Central Heating by Zone/Room


Energy Saving: Closing/Opening can be fully automated based on temperature of each Room/Zone separately from others


Optimized Operation: Using Wireless Thermal Sensors to sense the actual temperature & humidity at the desired locations to optimize heating


Monitoring Electrical Energy Consumption

Monitoring CKT Breaker Interruptions


Selection of Energy Meters from a wide range of vendors


Real-time monitoring of Power/Energy consumption for Main Feeder and Branches


Historical consumption & Predicted Bill


Monitoring of CKT Breaker status


Alerting on abnormal consumption and CKT Breaker Trips



Smart Switches


Just touch, no clicks


Customized Logos and Text on glass panel as required


Beautiful LED color for indicating status


Cool backlight color for easily locating the switch in the dark


Water-Resistant and better safety against wet fingers


Scratch-resistant Tempered Glass


Configurable gangs as desired; Master On, Master Off, 1-way, 2-way, Curtains, Shutters, Garage door, Blinders, Timers…


Full control from your mobile or Desktop App


Lock Function: preventing unwanted intervention by individuals


Available from 1 gang to 8 gangs


Available as wired and wireless



Smart Lighting


Automate lights and reduce your electricity bill and replacement cost


Lock Feature to prevent unwanted intervention by individuals


Comfort: Setting on/off schedules


Energy Saving: Integrating motion detectors and light sensors to optimize the use of lights and as needed


Energy Saving: Enhance Energy Saving Practices thru Integrating Smart BT modules to detect employees’ presence state (Present | Out of Cube or Office) and accordingly switch lights off/on automatically


Energy Saving: Integrating Smart RFID Modules to enhance Energy Saving Practices thru Employees’ RFID cards and switch off lights upon leaving


Highly recommended for Hotels, Hospitals, Complex Centers, Office Buildings, Banks, Schools, and Homes…




Monitoring/Controlling Water Distribution


Real-time monitoring of water flow and consumption for feeder & branches


Remotely closing/Opening each pipe separately


Water Saving: detecting leakage & closing valve automatically


Alerting on sudden abnormal flow / exceeding water volume limit thru SMS/Phone Calls


Historical records for Flow/Water Consumption


Highly recommended for Office Buildings, Complex Centers, Malls, Schools...


Smart Irrigation

The most common Irrigation Systems let you set a time-period per basin without any knowledge of how much water volume is really consumed.

The length of water pipes, the number of openings in the pipe, the variation of pump pressure, besides the height of the land all impact the amount for water flow. In such a case, setting a Time-Period for basins gives no idea if the basin was over-irrigated or under-irrigated. Volume irrigation solves all these issues.

QATARAT - our Smart Irrigation System which enables you to set Irrigation Schedules based on the volume of water required per basin, in addition to the usual Time-period Schedules. In Volume-based Schedules the amount of water required per basin type is set differently from others; ornamental trees, grass, fruit trees... Hence ensuring NO over-irrigation/under-irrigation. In addition, water is used economically resulting in saving in Water Utility Bills.

The system can be controlled and monitored from the same place (locally) or remotely over the Internet from any web browser. All what you need to do is to check the irrigation reports sent by the system. Reports, Notifications, and Alerts can be received over SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and Phone Calls with digital voice in case of emergency notifications.

The Electrical Valves used are safe and rated at 24V to avoid any electrical hazards. In case of electricity shutdown, you can still open the electrical valve manually.

Kindly Check out more about our product QATARAT - Smart Irrigation System



Automate Your Normal Electrical Switches Without Replacing Them


Keep your normal electrical switches at your home or facility unreplaced


Convert them to smart switches without any additional wiring cost


Full control from your mobile or desktop


Automate your lights and save electricity bill and reduce replacement cost


Setting schedules (date & time) for switching lights on/off, opening/closing shutters...


Energy Saving: Integrating motion detectors and light sensors to optimize the use of lights and as needed


Best fit in Hotels, Hospitals, Complex Centers, Office Buildings, Banks, Schools, and Homes…


Applicable also to Curtains, Shutters, and for any switch used to operate any electrical equipment


Integrating BT Modules for “Energy Saving” Practices


Modules detects employee’s presence status (Present | Out of Cube or Office) based on their mobile BT signal (or dedicated BT cards)


Module accordingly automate the Energy Saving Action thru switching lights off/on and optimizing the operation of the A/C & AHU units in the place

Integrating Smart RFID Modules to enhance “Energy Saving” Practices


Interworks with Employees’ RFID cards for switching OFF lights of the employee cube/office upon leaving


Optimizing the operation of the A/C & AHU units of the employee upon leaving

Application Examples

Our Product Gallery below highlights many showcases and examples for LABEEB- Smart Home & Facility, kindly explore the pictures.

Tank Level Monitoring

Water Flow Monitoring

Switching on/off any electrical device from your mobile/desktop

Switching Lights and General Appliances on/off

Central Heating Control

HVAC and AC Control

Check abnormal Water Flow at office buildings and W.C. in general facilities

Real-time monitoring of Remote Equipment (Pumps, Valves, Flowmeters)

Motorized Gates/Garage Doors

Motorized Shutters

Smart Metering: Water, Gas, & Electricity

Setting Schedules & Rules (IFTTT)

Setting Alerts for Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Phone Call with digital voice

and much more