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Data Center Thermal Monitoring


AFKAR DIGITAL Solutions for Data Center Thermal Monitoring offer you both Wireless and wired Sensors.

The thermal measurements are uploaded to a local PC (Server) or to the Cloud over the internet.

Going wireless or wired depends on your needs, your Data Center size, the dynamics, ongoing expansions of your Data Center, and whether you need to fit sensors at critical locations that are easily reached by wireless sensors.

The Beauty of Wireless Sensing
Our Plug-n-Sense Solution offers wireless, accurate, small-size temperature & humidity sensors. The sensor is designed with the latest Long-Range Wireless Technology that can reach up to ~100m.

Due to the small size and battery-operation, the sensor can be easily mounted at cabinet front, cabinet back, AC supply, AC return, or at any desired point. This gives an advantage over legacy systems which use wired sensors, and once mounted it would be difficult to relocate due to the installed wires.

Such flexibility enables better Monitoring of the actual Temperature/Humidity. When it comes to conducting an Audit to assess and optimize the Thermal Distribution inside a Data Center, then Plug-n-Sense is your best choice.

The battery level of the wireless sensor is continuously monitored. The battery lifetime for the wireless sensor is ~2 years.

Wired Cascaded Sensors
We also provide Wired Sensor Solutions for Monitoring. Smartly, we make wiring easy thru cascading the sensors using CAT6 cables and RJ45 connectors. This makes adding/removing/bypassing sensor modules easy and flexible.

Sensors can be also extended to other locations thru this simple and smart wiring using CAT6 cables.

Our Thermal Monitoring Systems are fully designed and developed by us. This includes the Sensor SDKs, the micro-controllers (Gateways), and the interface with other systems (BMS/SCADA/DCIM), as well as developing our own Application and Cloud Computing. This gives AFKAR DIGITAL the readiness and ability to design customized products for customers.



System Distinguishing Features


Swiss-made Sensors measuring temperature and humidity, accuracy ±0.2°C


Highly accurate as confirmed from the samples tested by the Metrology Department in Royal Scientific Society


Small size. Easily plugged at desired points for both wireless and wired sensors, with the advantage of reaching more critical points for wireless


Flexibility in relocating the sensor to any point (for wireless sensors)


Flexibility in adding/removing sensors, extending to other locations (Wired)


Quick Installation


~2 years replaceable battery (for wireless sensors)


Long wireless distance up to 100m (for wireless sensors)


Alerts are notified automatically via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Phone Calls with digital voice for immediate alerts



Live Thermal Monitoring


Monitoring of Temperature (°C) & Humidity (%)


At any point in the Data Center


Including individual server air-inlet (and optionally air-discharge)


Full data Observation


Storage (Local, Cloud)


Easily Interfaced with BMS/SCADA/DCIM systems


Reduce Electricity Bill by avoiding Over-cooling


Fix HVAC system to eliminate Hotspots


Validate if the “cooled air” reaches server front


Optimize HVAC System


Redesign Supply and Return Air


Check if Cooling Capacity meets IT Load


Wireless Technology


Quick installation


Easily mounted


Configurable Alerts as per user








Phone Calls with digital voice for immediate alerts


Centralized Remote Monitoring


Multiple distant locations can be monitored from same Application


Including web portal access


Applicable to all DC Cooling Layouts


Hot Aisle Containment Layout


Traditional Layout


Viewing Thermal Map in 3D


Playback to investigate what went wrong


Get Permanent System


Monitor your Data Centers 24/7


Check Temperature Set Point


Evaluate Temperature Distribution


Highlight Over-cooled & Hot spots


Optimize HVAC/Cooling System


Check Cooling Capacity vs. IT Load

Ask for Thermal Audit Service (with Recommendation)


Audit Setup is made ready in a couple of hours


Evaluate the Thermal Performance of your Center


Highlight Over-cooled & Hot spots


Optimize HVAC

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