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About Us

About Us

After 20 years of experience in global telecom companies and the driving passion for Electronics, AFKAR DIGITAL was established in 2017 with the target of providing solutions in Control, Integration, & Automation mixed with the flavor of IoT. Integrating SDKs of different devices in one software. Integrating Cloud APIs like AWS in IoT solutions. AFKAR DIGITAL can bring any THING you want to monitor or control at your mobile/PC.

Fields of Applications extend from Temperature Monitoring (Thermal Maps), Smart Irrigation (by time/period/volume), Controlling Remote and far-away Equipment (motors/pumps…), Monitoring Machines & Product Lines, Notifications of any Malfunctions, On-line Monitoring of Energy & Resources (electricity, water…). Integrating an IP camera into your desired App, and much more…

Targeted Sectors are: Data Centers, Industrial Sectors & Factories, Private Sectors comprising Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, Buildings, Offices, and Homes.

We at AFKAR DIGITAL focus on the added value of Energy Savings and live Monitoring, while ensuring Secure Connections over the internet for control. We also provide interfaces for integrating the new smart IoT systems with other Control Systems such as (SCADA, BMS, DCIM). Plug-n-Sense is our solution for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring. It is based on the latest wireless technology in IoT. It is easy and fast to install without the need for any wires.