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Smart Hudhud - IoT Logger/Controller

A Universal IoT Logger/Controller (for Industry & General-Purpose)

The Smart Hudhud Controller is our IoT product designed to log data from any sensor and industrial devices and I/O field units. User can collect data, send data, monitor and control on real-time locally and remotely.

A wide range of sensors & devices can be connected: Temperature sensors, Humidity, Pressure, Level, Energy Meters, Flow Meters, Analogue Inputs/Output Field Units, Limit switches, Devices with On/Off digital input/output. In general, it supports all types Field devices.

Measurements are stored in the controller for the desired period, with backup option on the cloud for data safety and other services you wish to add.

User can define Schedules, Rules, as well as receiving Alerts on Email, SMS, WhatsApp and even on a phone call with digital voice for critical/emergency alerts.

The Smart Hudhud Controller is easily scalable as more devices and sensors can be added as desired.

The Smart Hudhud Controller can be interfaced with other systems such as BMS/SCADA/DCIM.

Superior features that suite your needs. Together with English/Arabic language support.




Universal IoT Logger/Gateway with Premium Features


Selection of polling interval (Refresh Rate)


Selection of interval for recording measurements per sensor


Selection of recording period (months and years)


Local/remote Monitoring & Control


Defining Schedules; hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and absolute...


Defining Rules (IF This Then That - IFTTT)


Viewing logged data in Excel format


Viewing logged data in graphs


Storage in Controller & Cloud


Sending alerts over Email, SMS, WhatsApp and Phone Call


Configuring favorite menus


Secure Communication over the Internet


Scalable Controller, add more devices and sensors as desired



Wide Range of Controllers for Industry & General Use


No legacy PLCs, instead advanced Smart Mini-Computers are used


Secure connections over the Internet


Seamless Operation, all Schedules, Rules, and Alerts are all done by the smart controller


Wide Range of Sensors/ Devices for Industrial & General Use


Any Sensor/Meter type: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Level, Energy Meters, Flow Meters…


Any I/O field device with Analogue/Digital Inputs & Outputs and any type of On/Off control


Any Protocol/Interface: RS485, Modbus TCP, Serial, SNMP, UDP/TCP…


Just select your devices from your preferred vendor and we can add them to the Smart Hudhud library


Flexible Connections with Devices, Sensors, and Meters


Standard wiring


Make use of your network infrastructure and interface your devices thru LAN cables


Go Wireless and interface your devices over WIFI


The One Dashboard


Monitoring and Controlling different locations from one dashboard


Web Portal to monitor from anywhere


Just Plug & Operate


No Static IP is required at location


No DDNS or Port Forwarding is required


No special configuration is required at the Router in the aimed location


Cloud Storage


Secure your data thru a secondary backup on the cloud


Select our cloud or your private cloud


Open an opportunity for you for Big Data Analysis


Enables you to build special reports & SaaS Services for your own clients


Notifications & Alerts


Setting Notifications inside Hudhud controller


Setting Alerts: Email, SMS, WhatsApp


Setting advanced Alerts: receiving Phone Calls with digital voice for critical/Emergency alerts



Sensor Calibration


Ability to set the calibration of any Analog Sensor as required: Offset, linear and quadratic


Just set your parameters per sensor and get the Logged Data calibrated


Bilingual: English and Arabic


Set your preferred language for Monitoring & Control


Set your preferred language for receiving Notifications & Alerts



Excellent Flexibility in Naming and Icon Selection


Full flexibility in Naming Devices / Tags / and Attributes


Rich Library of Organized Icon Groups to select from



Application Examples for using Sensors, Meters, and I/O devices with Smart Hudhud Controller

Our Product Gallery below highlights many showcases and application examples for the Smart Hudhud Controller, kindly explore the pictures.

Smart Metering: Electrical Energy Consumption

Monitoring of CKT Breaker Status & Alerting on CKT Breaker Trips

Alerting on Door Open/Close

Operating Pumps remotely

Monitoring of Tank Level

Smart Metering: Water Consumption / Water Flow Monitoring

Automatic Watering & Irrigation

Setting Alerts for Email/SMS/WhatsApp/Phone Call with digital voice

Remote Farm Monitoring

AC Conditioner Control On/Off based on Temperature

Telecom Site Monitoring: Door Status /Temperature /Fuel Tank Level /Electricity Status