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Estimate Pricing

Estimate Pricing

The below table gives a good estimate of the price as per your requirements, final price is upon site visit.

No. Item Unit Price Quantity Sub Total

No. of Electrical Valves

An Electrical Valve enables opening/closing water automatically by the system.

You need to determine on how many basins to irrigate separately.

Hint: You can combine nearby basins together in one common electrical valve but ensure they are at the same height and they need the same amount of water on average.


QATARAT Smart Irrigation System (Features)


Fully Automated Irrigation System: enables setting morning, evening, and night schedules, daily and weekly schedules, and as desired.


Setting Schedule per basin based on: Water Volume & Time-period


Equipped with Water Volume Meter to enable you adjust the amount of required water per basin. It helps a lot in saving water bill.


Alerting on low water flow, high water flow, and water leakage.


Expandable to more basins as desired.


Expandable as desired to all types of sensors needed for irrigation; Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Soil moisture...


Reporting Water Consumption per basin & Total.


Conducting Water Leakage Check for each basin.


Irrigation Reports & History.


Bilingual: English/Arabic language.


Viewing history records and exporting to Excel.


Viewing & exporting Graphs.


Saving Notifications inside the system.


Live Monitoring from same network.


Remote Monitoring and Control over the Internet from any mobile/desktop web browser (Price includes 5-year subscription).


Supports Manual Irrigation and Unscheduled Irrigation


Pls select your system as per
your current needs.

You can expand the system
later as per your
upcoming needs


Network Connection Type

To connect QATARAT Smart Irrigation System to your network
For (WIFI only) - no additional cost
For (WIFI & LAN) - add JD40


Main Valve

If you irrigate from a well, then no need for the Main Valve.

If you irrigate from a ground tank or an upper tank, then Main Valve is required.

Initial estimate depending on vendors and market availability: JD60-100.


Sending Emails for Irrigation Reports/Alerts
(1 package = 1,000 Email Quota)

You will be receiving Emails for the alerts you setup, either in English/Arabic language as per your preference.



Sending SMS for Irrigation Reports/Alerts
(1 package = 100 SMS Quota)

You will be receiving SMS for the alerts you setup, either in English/Arabic language as per your preference



Sending WhatsApp for Irrigation Reports/Alerts

Coming soon



Making Voice Calls (Typically for Irrigation Alerts)
(1 package = 10 Voice Call Quota)

You will be receiving phone calls for the alerts you setup, with clear digital voice in English language.



Above price doesn’t include the Main Pump and any Electrical and Mechanical Installations


Hint about Main Pump

If you already have a pump or you irrigatie from high-level tank, then no pump is required. Otherwise you need to have a Pump.


About Electrical & Mechanical Installation

Electrical installation is required to lay electrical wires for the irrigation valves, Main Pump, and Main Valve. Mechanical Installation is needed to lay water pipes & irrigation pipes from the water tank to the basins, as well as installing the irrigation valve and Main Pump and Main Valve.



Do you have water pipes with taps already installed around your garden/farm? In this case you need only the irrigation pipes from the taps to the basins.


Combining electrical valves for nearby basins in one location saves a lot in the installation cost.