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Central Power Monitoring System


Our Power Monitoring System is completely wireless Plug-n-Sense, making system installation easy and cost-effective by avoiding laying cables to/from the monitored Equipment/Appliances and the required man work.

The system is used for measuring Power Consumption in addition to generating Alarms in required cases. Places where Power Monitoring is highly needed in Data Centers. It is also applicable to many other places like; Warehouses, Supermarkets, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Chillers, Motors, Pumps, Cooling Rooms, Factories.

Our Power Monitoring Systems are fully designed and developed by us. This includes the Power Meter SDKs, the micro-controllers (Gateways), and the interface with other systems (BMS/SCADA/DCIM), as well as developing our own Application and Cloud Computing. This gives AFKAR DIGITAL the readiness and ability to design customized products for customers.



Choose between Intrusive and Non-Intrusive Systems

Our solution Offers two methods for Monitoring: Intrusive and Non-intrusive. For the non-intrusive system, all micro-power meters are assembled together and placed next to the Power Distribution Panel (MDB) with the use of Clamp CTs. This offers a very flexible solution for places where power interruption is critical and is not permitted.

For the intrusive system, each micro-power meter is fitted inside a separate stand-alone box with different options for AC sockets that suit your requirements: Industrial 16A/32A, normal sockets 13A/16A. Other types of sockets are also available as required, along with 1-phase/3-phase phase option.

The stand-alone Power Modules are easily mounted underneath raised floor, on rack-top, overhead cable-tray, on ground next to the device, or over the device.

In both Intrusive and Non-intrusive systems, the Power Modules communicate wirelessly to the Gateway Unit, which in turn uploads the data to a Local Server or to the Cloud over the internet.

These solutions enable you to measure Power Consumption accurately. It also enable you issue invoices for your clients based on actual Power consumption.



System Distinguishing Features


Wireless Monitoring Modules, no extra extended wires needed


For Data Centers, Installation is Seamless with no power interruption. First plug line A then B


Measuring all electricity attributes: Voltage, Current, Power, Energy (kWh), Frequency, and Power Factor


Push Alarms, alarms are forwarded to the server/cloud once triggered


- Low/High Power, Voltage, Current


- Low Power-Factor


- High Energy (kWh)


Dual WiFi operation for Power Monitoring Modules, automatic jump.


Industrial single-phase sockets are used. 3-Phase sockets and normal sockets 13/16A are also available


No Cutting of 220V-AC wires inside the stand-alone Modules. The 220V-AC wires inside the Module connect the In-connector directly to the Out-connector with no Connection Joints


High-accuracy power sensors are used, class 0.5


Quick Installation in a couple of hours


Easily mounted: underneath raised floor, on rack-top, overhead cable-tray, on ground next to the device, or over the device


Centralized Remote Monitoring: Multiple distant locations can be monitored from same Application


Our Power Monitoring Solution can be interfaced with your existing BMS/SCADA/DCIM monitoring systems


Module Power Consumption: <1W (~0.8kWh/Month)





Advanced Features


Graphs and Historical Reports


Full data Observation; Tabular View & Layout View


Analytics providing daily/monthly Power consumption


Storage; Local & Cloud


In case no WiFi/Internet is available, Power Meters will continue working and Total Power Consumption (kWh) will still accumulate


Wireless Technology


Quick installation


Easily mounted


Configurable Alerts as per user








Phone Calls with digital voice for critical/Emergency alerts



Playback to investigate what went wrong


Get Your Permanent System


Monitor your Facility 24/7


Correctly measure the real Power Consumption per cabinet, equipment, or client


Monitor Electrical Attributes stability


Configure Alarms as desired


Issue invoices for clients based on actual usage


Choose between Local/Cloud storage