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Wireless Thermal Monitoring and Commissioning Tool


Unlike other wired systems, our Wireless Thermal Monitoring & Commissioning Tool uses wireless Plug-n-Sense small-size temperature & humidity sensors.

The sensors can be easily mounted at cabinet front, cabinet back, AC supply, AC return, over any shelve or rack, or at any desired point, inside a refrigerator or even onside a freezer.

This flexibility enables better Auditing and Validation, and in turn better Optimization of the thermal distribution inside critical places such as Data Centers, Medicine Warehouses, Food Storage Rooms, etc.

The thermal measurements are uploaded to a local PC or over the internet to the cloud.

Legacy systems monitor the temperature at few points using wired sensors, and once mounted it is difficult to relocate due to the installed wires.

The beauty of our solution is that it gathers real measurements from wireless sensors which are mounted at the desired points. No simulations.



Tool Distinguishing Features


No wires, all wireless


Swiss-made Sensors measuring temperature and humidity, accuracy ±0.2°C


Highly accurate as confirmed from the samples tested by the Metrology Department in Royal Scientific Society


Small size. Easily plugged at desired points


Flexibility in relocating the sensor to any point


Quick Installation in a couple of hours


2~3year replaceable battery


Centralized Remote Monitoring (multiple distant locations can be monitored from same Application)


Alerts are notified automatically via Email, SMS, WA, and Phone Calls with digital voice for immediate alerts



Real-case Findings & Highlights


Non-uniform cabinet cooling


Issues related to AC parallel operation


Unbalanced cooling distribution


Over-cooled areas


Warm (or hot) areas


Existing hot-spots due to AC malfunctions


The “cooled air” doesn’t reach desired areas


HVAC (cooling) system is not well-designed


The Set point of temperature is not optimum


Air flow blockage underneath the raised floor


and more…

Capacity Check


Ensuring Data Center cooling system meets the IT load


Continuously monitoring the Thermal variations at any desired points while the IT load is incrementally growing

Energy Saving


Temperature Set-point re-adjustment (safely raising the DC temperature)


Reducing airflow



Ensuring you meet the co-location SLAs of your customers

Infrastructure Modifications


Adding cold/hot aisle containment


Upgrading the cooling system


Redesigning the cooling infrastructure

Minimizing Operational Cost


Reduced electrical bill once over-cooling is eliminated


Reduced AC maintenance cost

Get Permanent System


Monitor your Data Centers 24/7


Check Temperature Set Point


Evaluate Temperature Distribution


Highlight Over-cooled & Hot spots


Optimize HVAC/Cooling System


Check Cooling Capacity vs. IT Load

Ask for Thermal Audit Service (with Recommendation)


Audit Setup is made ready in a couple of hours


Evaluate the Thermal Performance of your Center


Highlight Over-cooled & Hot spots


Optimize HVAC

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