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QATARAT - Smart Irrigation System


The most common Irrigation Systems let you set a time-period per basin without any knowledge of how much water volume is really consumed.

The length of water pipes, the number of openings in the pipe, the variation of pump pressure, besides the height of the land all impact the amount for water flow. In such a case, setting a Time-Period for basins gives no idea if the basin was over-irrigated or under-irrigated. Volume irrigation solves all these issues.

QATARAT - our Smart Irrigation System which enables you to set Irrigation Schedules based on the volume of water required per basin, in addition to the usual Time-period Schedules. In Volume-based Schedules the amount of water required per basin type is set differently from others; ornamental trees, grass, fruit trees... Hence ensuring NO over-irrigation/under-irrigation. In addition, water is used economically resulting in saving in Water Utility Bills.

The system can be controlled and monitored from the same place (locally) or remotely over the Internet from any web browser. All what you need to do is to check the irrigation reports sent by the system. Reports, Notifications, and Alerts can be received over SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and Phone Calls with digital voice in case of emergency notifications.

The Electrical Valves used are safe and rated at 24V to avoid any electrical hazards. In case of electricity shutdown, you can still open the electrical valve manually.

In addition, Our QATARAT smart irrigation system uses standard industrial components not limited to any brand. The user can select from our recommended components or from his preferred vendors if desired.

Smart Irrigation is not anymore considered a luxury solution, it is becoming a demand to save water consumption and avoid high Water Utility Bills.




System Distinguishing Features


Fully Automated Irrigation System: enables setting morning, evening, and night schedules, daily and weekly schedules, and as desired


Setting Schedule per basin based on:


- Water Volume


- Time-period


Adaptability: Modifying irrigation schedules as per environmental conditions; hot, rainy, sunny, ...


Flexibility: QATARAT irrigation system can be used for Drip Irrigation & Basin Irrigation


Electrically Safe System, using 24V electrical valves


Auto-close valves during electricity failure


Alerting on low water flow, high water flow, and water leakage.


Remote Monitoring and Control over the Internet from any mobile/desktop web browser


Expandable to more basins as desired


Expandable as desired to all types of sensors needed for irrigation; Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Soil moisture, ...


Reporting Water Consumption per basin & Total


Conducting a water Leakage check for each basin


Irrigation Reports with History


Bilingual: English/Arabic language





Places to use


Home Gardens




Public Parks


Green House


Glass House

Flexibility: Unscheduled and Manual Irrigation


At any time, you can irrigate the basins for any desired water-volume or time-period without following any schedule using the dashboard in the application


In case of electricity shutdown, you can still open the electrical valve manually if you have a water source which can flow without the need for a pump like an upper tank for example, QATARAT irrigation system is so flexible


Setting an Irrigation Sequence


Configure the sequence as Water-Volume or Time-Period


Add the basins required to the sequence in-order by setting the volume required in liters or time-period in minutes


You can configure as many sequences as required


Setting an Irrigation Schedule


Set the Days & Time when to start a sequence


You can configure as many schedules as required for morning, evening, night, daily, weekly, ...



Configurable Alerts as per user








Phone Call with digital voice for critical alerts



Viewing Irrigation Reports/History


An Irrigation Report is generated after each schedule is finished


User can check if schedule was totally successful or in case issues occurred during irrigation like; low water flow, water leakage, high water flow ...


Irrigation Reports can also be received over emails, SMS, and WhatsApp


Irrigation Reports are kept for a month time in QATARAT irrigation system


Viewing Current Irrigation Status for a running Schedule


Sequence type being used; Water-volume or Time-period


Leakage Check Status for each basin


Basins successfully irrigated


Basins seen with issues due to pipes problems; low water flow, water leakage, high water flow


Time per basin and Total Time spent in irrigation till the moment


Water Volume per basin & Total Water Volume consumed till the moment


Current water flow rate



QATARAT Lite is a mini version of our product QATARAT. A Smart Compact Design comprising an irrigation controller, four electrical valves, a water meter, and with pump control. In addition to the most important feature, that is, monitoring and control over the internet.

Plug and Play

QATARAT Lite Lite is ready for use, no additional mechanical or electrical installations are needed. Just connect the irrigation pipes to the valves’ outputs and to the water-in input.

QATARAT Lite Lite specially designed for House Gardens & Small Farms.

Same fantastic features as in QATARAT


Monitoring and control from mobile/desktop over the Internet


Fully Automated Irrigation Schedules as desired: Morning, Evening, Daily, and weekly


Setting Schedule per basin based on Water Volume (liters) or Time-period (minutes)


Alerting on low/high water flow and leakage


Reporting Water Consumption per basin and total

Built-in Electronic Water Meter

The water meter allows you to irrigate the right amount of water.

The variation in the length of irrigation pipes, the number of openings in the pipe, the pump pressure, besides the height of the basins are all factors impacting water flow. In such cases, setting a Time-Period schedule for basins gives no idea if the basins are over-irrigated or under-irrigated. Irrigation by volume ensures the right amount of water always.

Smart and Compact Design

Following components are all assembled in one device that suits most home gardens:


An Irrigation Controller


Four Electrical Ball Valves


A Water Flow Meter


A Dry Contact to control the Main Pump

Electrical Safety & Resiliency


The device and the electrical valves all operate on 12V to avoid any electrical hazards


Auto-close valves during electricity failure