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AD005-RS485 Repeater

Industrial Grade RS485 Isolator & Repeater & Distance Extender

AD005-RS485 Repeater

RS485 Signal Isolator & Repeater

Industrial Grade RS485 Isolator & Repeater & Distance Extender


Isolated type RS485E Repeater is a kind of high-power industrial grade RS485 signal amplifier. Product can automatically sense data flow direction and communication baud rate. It does not require any control or handshaking signals.

Equipment power supply and communication signal is completely isolated, as well as with surge protection, electrostatic protection. The module supports long distance transmission, high speed, stable and reliable performance.


Main Features

v  Industrial design, communication is completely isolated. Stable and reliable performance

v  Transmission rate Up to 500Kbps

v  Built-in high-quality DC/DC power module

v  Realizes the electrical isolation between ports

v  Supports multi machine communication, can connect to 128 nodes

v  Far transmission distance of 1200 meters

v  Multiple protective measures: ESD 15KV positive and negative protection TVS, 600W dual 2.5KV communication isolation protection

v  Wide power supply range 9-36VDC with anti-polarity protection


Technical Specifications



Recommended Value




Working voltage

DC: 9-36V

DC: 9-36V

Rated power

0.36W (9V/35mA; 12V/27mA; 24V/15mA)


Working temperature

-30C - 70C

-40C - 80C


1-128 node

128 nodes

Communication distance

0-1200 meter

1200 meters

Communication rate

300-500 Kbps