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E820-AIO (4xAI 0~20mA)

Data Acquisition Module with 4 Analogue Inputs (0-20mA) and ModBus RS485 Remote Terminal Unit

E820-AIO (4xAI 0-20mA)

Data Acquisition Module with 4 Analogue Inputs (0-20mA) and ModBus RS485

E820-AIO is the analog signal collection product with RS485 communication network, E820-AIO transmits the analog signal of scattered field data point via AD transformation to master or control remote home site via the PC. Built-in watch dog (0.2s reset), the system will not be halted easily. E820-AIO analog acquisition module features measurement data collection, measured data collection, device switch status collection etc.

Main Features

v  Wide working temperature range: working at -40+65, suitable for harsh working environment.

v  Non directional design of input power: This can avoid misconnection and over connection damage, increasing the reliability.

v  Modbus protocol: Q&A communication, easy to use and featuring cheap hardware and strong universal property.

v  High acquisition accuracy: 0.1%FS.

v  All aluminum alloy shell: Good EMS performance, compact size, easy installation and good heat dissipation.

v  Watch dog: This can conduct the precise time layout. Once any exception occurs, the module will restart in 0.2s and continue to work as previous parameters.


Technical Specifications